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Amit Jain

Amit Jain

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer | Roadz

Currently, Amit is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Roadz, which is a silicon valley based fleet-tech Company that offers a data-enabled, smart fleet marketplace. Prior to Roadz, Amit was the founder and CEO at Becansoft, an IoT startup which developed a car-sharing app targeting the mobility needs of kids, elderly and the disabled.

For seven years, Amit was the chief architect of Verizon's IoT verticals' strategy which included telematics, transportation, and smart city segments. In that capacity, he led the acquisitions of companies such as Fleetmatics, Networkfleet and Telogis resulting in the creation of Verizon Connect. Later in his tenure at Verizon, he joined the executive leadership team at Verizon Connect as the head of strategy, business development, market intelligence and big data.

Prior to joining Verizon, Amit was a ‘Product Leader’ at General Electric where his team developed an award-winning fleet management solution and a ‘Research Director’ at AberdeenGroup, a market research firm where he led the M2M/IoT research practice.

Other notable achievements include serving on FCC’s IoT Technological Advisory Committee and on the leadership circles at Intelligent Transportation Society of America, MCity (University of Michigan), and CDAIT (Georgia Tech). Over the years, he has offered thought leadership through speaking engagements at leading industry events and by publishing articles in industry publications.

Roadz is a unique "Marketplace" platform, which serves the needs of the Fleet-Tech market. Companies can stand-up a marketplace with 3rd-party solutions in a fraction of the time. Fleet managers and others with Fleet-Tech needs are able to browse, buy and access curated 3rd party solutions via an integrated and seamless experience. Roadz is powering the marketplaces of a few of the largest Fleet-Tech solution providers in North America!

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