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Using Data to Transition Your Fleet for Sustainability

April 23
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM || -

Kristofer Bush
LeasePlan USA

Dave Meisel
Quanta Services

Paul Milner

When it comes to sustainability and fleets, electric vehicles are top of mind. But on the long path to electrification fleets need to adopt a holistic view of sustainability. In this panel seminar, fleet and data experts will join two operators of bleeding-edge fleets that control over 70,000 assets to explore how to match duty cycles to current EV models as well as other alt-fuel and low-carbon vehicle options. Using telematics and other data sources, they’ll discuss other methods to lower carbon footprint, such as pooling, idle reduction, rightsizing, and driver behavior modification, and how to use data to demonstrate the results.  

Moderator: Kristopher Bush

Panelists: Dave Meisel, Paul Milner, 

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