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Video Telematics: Assessing Risk, Driving Behaviors, and ROI

April 22
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM || -

Chris Brown
Data-Driven Fleet

Dave Galbraith, NMS, AIM, CSP
Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company

Tyler Mortensen
GPS Insight

David Williams
Spire Energy

Video telematics is used to assess risk, improve driving behaviors, and mitigate crashes. But do you really need it for your fleet? This seminar will answer the question. Using data and findings collated from numerous video telematics implementations, attendees will learn how video telematics differentiates from traditional telematics, and how machine vision, AI, and deep learning provide contextual insights into the types of events that video captures. Panelists will discuss the technology in today’s systems, key factors for success, and how insurers view video telematics from a risk perspective. Attendees will also hear from two fleet operators in various stages of video telematics implementation. They’ll address ROI, installation challenges, driver acceptance, and real-world results.  

Moderator: Chris Brown 

Panelists: Tyler Mortensen GPS Insight; Dave Galbraith, Amerisure; David Williams, Spire Energy

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