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How Data Analytics Can Lower Vehicle TCO

April 23
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM || -

Stephen de Launay
Chevin Fleet Solutions

John Dmochowsky
JC Global Fleet Consulting

Chris Brown
Data-Driven Fleet

Managing total cost of ownership (TCO) has always been a key component to managing a fleet. While fleet operators now have a greater flow and variance of data, channeling that data into actionable insights is an even greater challenge. This seminar will discuss the latest trends, such as managing TCO with a tighter budget, understanding today’s tight buying and selling markets, and rethinking replacement models with EVs. Attendees will also understand how to factor in new data sets, such as driver behaviors and predictive analytics, to the TCO equation. 

Moderator: Chris Brown

Panelists: John Dmochowsky, Steve de Launay, and John Wuich

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