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Leveraging Data to Transform Your Business

April 19
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM || -

Hugh McFall

Ali Akhtar

It’s no secret that data is driving an increasing share of business decisions. But are you harnessing your data effectively into actionable insights to truly transform your business? In this presentation you’ll learn how to break down data silos across your team and between different systems, leverage AI and machine learning, and aggregate data across not just your vehicle fleet but your equipment and sites. Ali Akhtar and Hugh McFall from Samsara will share trends and industry benchmarks: You’ll be able to see how you can capture trends in your data to give you a competitive edge.

Samsara, the Connected Operations Cloud company, collects IoT data from sensors, cameras and gateways to help more than 20,000 customers improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy. Samsara operates in North America, the UK and Europe and serves a wide range of industries including construction, education, energy, field services, food and beverage, government, passenger transit, transportation and warehousing and utilities.

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