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Harnessing OEM Data for Fleet Management

April 20
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM || -

Erik Asplund
Volvo Car USA

Jon Leicester
Element Fleet Management

Robb Harrison

We’re reaching an inflection point in the evolution of the connected car, as factory OEM modems alleviate the need for aftermarket installations. However, the transition won’t happen with a flick of a switch. This panel seminar will analyze the benefits for fleets to OEM connectivity and the challenges to get there. Panelists will lay out the transition timeline, if and when aftermarket modems are still necessary, privacy and fleet policy considerations, and the development of standardized operating systems such as Android Automotive. Attendees will also learn how OEM connectivity enables predictive analytics, integrations with enterprise applications, and brand-new services to improve fleet efficiencies.  

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