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Michelle Moody

Michelle Moody

Marketing Director | Ford Commercial Solutions

Michelle's 30 years of experience in the automotive industry spans across the sales and marketing disciplines. She is most passionate about innovating and modernizing business models by applying new technology to create engaging customer experiences that enable customers businesses to thrive.

Key Experience include:

•Connecting consumers (B2C and B2B) with their vehicles by defining and delivering solutions with a strong focus on the customer experience.

•Leveraging deep customer understanding to drive new innovative product design as well as brand positioning and messaging.

•Developing technology to manage, safeguard and leverage customer information.

Ford Commercial Solutions is responsible for developing connected vehicle services and applications for fleets.  She and her team are responsible for development and execution of all marketing activities for Ford Commercial Solutions including driving product development as well as customer communications.   Additionally, the team is responsible for business development and growing the partners offering Fleet services using Ford’s Transportation Mobility Cloud. Ms. Moody joined Ford in January 1989, in the Lincoln Mercury Denver District.  She has had a variety of positions in Lincoln Mercury, Ford Customer Service, Ford Division as well as corporate marketing staff.  Most recently, Ms. Moody led the U.S. connected vehicle marketing team responsible for the launch of SYNC, Applink and SIRIUS satellite radio. Ms. Moody received her bachelor’s degree in Finance from Colorado State University in 1985 and her MS in Marketing from University of Colorado in 1988. 

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How Data is Powering the Electric Revolution in Commercial Vehicles

April 22, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET) || -

In this session, Michelle will share insights on the importance of data in migrating to, and managing electrified fleets.  More Info

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