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Ralph Filicko

Ralph Filicko

Senior Manager, IT Consulting & Implementation | Mercury Associates, Inc.

Mr. Filicko is a Senior Manager with Mercury Associates and director of the firm’s Fleet Information Technology Division. He has more than 25 years’ experience in advising and supporting a wide array of organizations in the areas of computing and networked environments; information system specification, selection, acquisition, customization, implementation, and support; vehicle telematics solution implementation and support; and transportation/fleet/workforce management IoT solution design, development, and support. He also directs Mercury’s private cloud services which includes providing COTS and custom application hosting services for the past 18 years for an array of state and local government jurisdictions and prominent industry leaders and includes the Mercury Data Aggregation and Analytics Solution (“MDAAS”).

Prior to joining Mercury in 2008, Ralph served as a senior project manager and lead implementation specialist for a leading fleet management information system software vendor. As a 20-year Army career veteran, Mr. Filicko managed service and support operations for US military trade schools.

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