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Rick Sauter

Rick Sauter

Vice President of Operations | Allstate Leasing

Rick is passionate about Electric Vehicles (EV’s). EV certified and an EV consultant in the implementation of EV infrastructure which is currently in the rapid development stage. Vice President of Operations for Allstate Leasing in Towson, MD, Rick manages all aspects of day to day operations.  Prior to being appointed Vice President  of Operations, Rick was responsible for Allstate's fleet Maintenance Management Program where he has more than 40 years of fleet vehicle experience.  Allstate Leasing's Maintenance Management Program consists of approximately 3,000 vehicles and includes a fleet call center, roadside assistance, accident management, fleet fuel card program, and vehicle disposal and transportation. Rick has been with Allstate Leasing for more than 25 years. 

Prior to joining Allstate Leasing Rick was in the United States Army and is a retired Chief Warrant Officer with his last assignment as Wheel Vehicle Division Chief at the Ordnance Center & School at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland.

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