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Stephen de Launay

Stephen de Launay

Global Product Evangelist | Chevin Fleet Solutions

With over 28 years experience in the fleet industry, Stephen has provided consultancy and shared knowledge and insights to some of the largest fleet operators in the world, with operations spanning the globe.  As Global Product Evangelist for a multi-award winning fleet software provider, Stephen uses his detailed knowledge of software solutions to align the analysis of data to provide real metrics to support critical decisions within every fleet operation. 

Stephen has spoken at several fleet events covering topics such as cost reduction, fleet procurement policy, and general fleet management best practice and is a regular speaker at company user days, and during advanced sales presentations.

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How Data Analytics Can Lower Vehicle TCO

April 23, 2021
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM (ET) || -

Managing total cost of ownership (TCO) has always been a key component to managing a fleet. But with a greater flow and variance of data, channeling that data into actionable insights is an even greater challenge. More Info

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